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The Business Directory of the Italian Electrotechnical, Electronics
and ICT Companies

"Give me whereon to stand and I will move the earth".
The Italian belief in innovation traces its roots back at least to 24 centuries ago, at the time of Archimedes. From ancient times on, through the inventions of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Volta, Meucci, Marconi, Fermi, Natta, Faggin, many milestones along the road of scientific and technological progress were laid in Italy.
Today this heritage of techniques, methods, ideas, is the foundation of new breakthroughs. Italian talents are prepared to build upon this tradition to be at the forefront of research and development. Ready to meet challenges to come, right from now. With renewed thoroughness, with the same intuition and creativity, all along the hallmark of Italian achievements.
ANIE is the Federation that within Confindustria represents the Italian Electrical Engineering and Electronic industry. With over 1,200 member companies, ANIE represents strategic industrial sectors, characterised by high levels of research and innovation that contribute to the Country’s growth and success in international markets.
The ANIE system supplies the technologies for public and private infrastructures in strategic markets such as industry, transport, energy and building.
With a turnover of 56 billion Euros, exports for 29 billion and 410,000 employees, the Italian electrical engineering and electronics industry is placed in second position in Europe in terms of turnover. A constantly growing sector that invests about 4% of its total turnover in Research and Development every year: a percentage four times higher than that of any other Italian manufacturing industry.
More information about ANIE and the sectors represented can be found on the Federation’s presentation.

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