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Disclaimer relating to content published on the website.

1. Limitation of responsibility

The information (data, materials, links, news, etc.) found on the http://www.italiantech.com website (hereinafter: the Portal) is added by or under the direct responsibility of the Companies represented on the Portal, that are members of the ANIE Federation (hereinafter: ANIE).

ANIE does not control this information and is not responsible for the content or for any inaccuracy, omission, or violation of the rights of others. The same applies to the content of the information published on the websites that can be accessed using the links on the Portal.

Any request for clarification, correction, or compensation must be addressed directly to the Company involved.

2. Copyright and trademarks

A The Portal’s contents are protected by intellectual property rights and any use thereof is reserved exclusively to ANIE or the Companies represented on the Portal that are members of ANIE.

Any reproduction, distribution, or any other use of such content is only permitted subject to prior authorisation in writing by ANIE or by the Companies on the Portal that are members of ANIE.

B Trademarks or logos reproduced on the website are protected by the trademark law and thus any reproduction of the same must be expressly authorised.

In particular, the ANIE logo is a registered trademark and so use of the same is subject to written authorisation of a licence from ANIE, who is the legitimate owner of the trademark. For information, contact the Webmaster or use the “Contact us” function.

Unauthorised use of the ANIE trademark will be prosecuted to the maximum extent allowed by law.

The same applies to the trademarks of the Companies represented on the Portal, members of ANIE, to whom requests for authorisation to use their trademarks must be addressed.

C The creation of the following hypertext links is expressly forbidden by the ANIE Federation and may represent a violation of trademark or intellectual property law.

  • Links that require unauthorised use of the ANIE trademark
  • The use of HTML frames, links to existing pages or the use of metatags
  • Hypertext links or forms of links that hide the URL or by-pass the homepage being displayed.